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Ecowater Services is an West Australian government authorised servicer of wastewater recycling systems (aerobic treatment units) and distributor of Enviroplus cleaning products.

Wild Cherry e-Shine bathroom cleaner

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Ecowater Services uses and recommends Anaerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) and septic system safe cleaning and bathroom products by Enviroplus. Enviroplus is not only good for the environment but is specifically formulated for your ATU system, contains active bacteria and speeds up the breakdown of waste in these types of systems. That's a good thing.  e-flush toilet cleaner // e-scrub dishwashing // e-rinse laundry liquid // e-wipe toilet tissue // e-zyme crystals //e-Z-View glass & window cleaner // pet safe // pet friendly cleaning supplies. For Aquarius, Aqua-Nova, Biomax, Biosystems 2000, Ecomax, Fujiclean and Taylex.

Wild Cherry e-Shine bathroom cleaner


Wild Cherry e-Shine bathroom cleaner



Say goodbye to bathroom scum with a smile. You'll love the NEW improved sweeter smelling Wild Cherry Fragrance!

e-Shine is a natural cleaner designed using a range of natural plant Extracts. The plant extract technology also targets algae and mould growth, cleaning the surfaces whilst also being absorbed into the grout providing a preventative effect as the technology resists subsequent algae and mould build up. The product is very effective against soaps and body fats.  Enviroplus is your people, pet and planet safe cleaning choice.

• Pleasant fragrance
• Totally eco-safe & biodegradable
• Kills 99.99% bacteria to EN1276 and EN13697
• Naturally derived ingredients - non caustic
• Effective against soaps, body fats, algae & mould growth
* Your people, pet and planet safe cleaning choice.

Recommended for use in homes and properties with Aquarius, Aqua-Nova, Biomax, Biosystems 2000, Fujiclean and all alternative wastewater treatment options.

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