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Ecowater Services is an West Australian government authorised servicer of wastewater recycling systems (aerobic treatment units) and distributor of Enviroplus cleaning products such as e-Flush, probiotics, active microbe remediation chemicals. Servicing Aquarius, Aqua-Nova, Biomax, Biosystems 2000, Graf ePro, Fujiclean and Taylex.

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Periodic dosing of ATU sewage systems - A Proactive, Peace of Mind Solution for Business

Roslyn McKay

We recently concluded empirical testing of Insight Environmental Ecocare Activator and Culture AB via periodic peristaltic dosing in the field on a particularly neglected Aerobic Treatment Unit operating in the fast food industry. This ATU was full of grease, fats, and oils (FOGs), resulting in frequent and expensive callouts due to blockages, very poor bacterial health and effluent quality. We’d show you pictures, but don’t want to put you off your lunch.

The resulting “recycled” water being distributed into the ATU reticulation field was far below the Department of Health standards posing a public health risk. This problematic system also required frequent emergency callouts and total septic evacuation much more regularly than it should have been required.

We have been astounded at how effective the Insight Environmental product was in turning the health of the system around very quickly and keeping it healthy in the long term with regular dosing despite the inputs of FOG’s into the ATU.

What kinds of facilities should consider a periodic peristaltic dosing option?

Businesses with a periodically high hydraulic load on the ATU including

  • Restaurants and fast food outlets

  • Pubs and wineries

  • Function centres

  • Sporting grounds

Residential care facilities where system inputs such as antibiotics and chemotherapy medicines may not be able to be controlled

  • Aged Care

  • Hospitals

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Campgrounds

Educational institutions

  • Childcare centres

  • Schools

  • Tafes and Universities