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Ecowater Services is an West Australian government authorised servicer of wastewater recycling systems (aerobic treatment units) and distributor of Enviroplus cleaning products such as e-Flush, probiotics, active microbe remediation chemicals. Servicing Aquarius, Aqua-Nova, Biomax, Biosystems 2000, Graf ePro, Fujiclean and Taylex.

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Hey Google, why does my sewage system smell?

Support Team


Have you noticed a bad smell coming from your toilet, bathrooms, drains or septic wastewater sewage system?

How did my sewage system get smelly in the first place?  

Those wine dregs and kitchen grease you pour down the sink? That toilet duck and “little bit of bleach” you used in the bathrooms. That course of antibiotics you’ve been taking? These substances kill off good bacteria and clog up your ATU limiting your sewage systems ability to efficiently break down waste.

There are a number of factors that contribute to bad smells and odours in septic sewage systems such as alternative wastewater systems like Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU’s).

The cause of bad smells in ATU wastewater systems include:

  • Poor bacterial health within the system

  • Insufficient residence time of water in the system

  • Stagnant water and debris in drains

  • Venting issues (airlocks) with the sewer line and s-bend

  • System flooding and internal blockages

Poor bacterial health within the system

Aerobic Treatment Units rely on a healthy bacterial flora to assist in efficiently breaking down waste. This bacteria is harmed and can be destroyed completely by inputs such as prescription medicine use and harsh chemicals used in cleaning. It’s really important that you monitor what’s going down your drains and dispose of substances that are harmful to the ATU in other ways. Download our free list of Absolute Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy ATU here.  

Residence time of water in the system

If your using a lot of water over a short period in showers, baths or laundry, this can result in too much water entering the ATU at once and not allow sufficient residence time in the main chamber of the ATU. Also if the solids tank of your system is quite full it takes up space that effluent would normally be digesting in and this can lead to effluent being under processed due to lesser residence time.

Stagnant water and debris in drains

Sometimes stagnant water can sit in pipes that aren’t regularly flushed or a buildup of soap scum, non-biodegradable objects (toys, sanitary products etc), kitchen grease or stale air in drains can cause a bad odour. Visit the Water Corporations What not to flush page While you are not connected to mains sewage, the same principles of caring about what goes down the drains apply. Your toilet is no place for the disposal of cotton buds or “flushable” wipes. We recommend applying the advice of the Water Corporation to your Aerobic Treatment Unit.

What happens if I ignore bad smells?

A bad smell in your wastewater treatment system can often be the cause of something seriously wrong. Left untreated, waste is not able to break down efficiently. At its worst (and yes, we’ve seen this happen) this build up may result in unprocessed sewage overflowing onto your property straight from the ATU and effluent coming back up your drains and toilet and overflowing into your home - you’ll be faced with not only a messy cleanup job, but emergency callout fees, the possibility of a Total System Evacuation (pump out) and an unplanned for bill for repairs.

The Solution? Take a proactive approach to ATU care

Be proactive. Start using Ecocare Activator and our approved range cleaning products and papers to bring balance back to the system. Stop using bleach and harsh chemical cleaners today. Wipe the grease off cooking pans and plates before they go in the dishwasher.

Want to know more about proactive steps to a healthier ATU? Talk to our friendly Support Team on 08 9248 9440 today!

Don’t forget to complete our customer survey for your chance to win a Google Home Mini or Cleaning Product Prize Pack! T’s&C’s apply*

*This promotion is open to current customers with a valid Maintenance Agreement in place.

Periodic dosing of ATU sewage systems - A Proactive, Peace of Mind Solution for Business

Roslyn McKay

We recently concluded empirical testing of Insight Environmental Ecocare Activator and Culture AB via periodic peristaltic dosing in the field on a particularly neglected Aerobic Treatment Unit operating in the fast food industry. This ATU was full of grease, fats, and oils (FOGs), resulting in frequent and expensive callouts due to blockages, very poor bacterial health and effluent quality. We’d show you pictures, but don’t want to put you off your lunch.

The resulting “recycled” water being distributed into the ATU reticulation field was far below the Department of Health standards posing a public health risk. This problematic system also required frequent emergency callouts and total septic evacuation much more regularly than it should have been required.

We have been astounded at how effective the Insight Environmental product was in turning the health of the system around very quickly and keeping it healthy in the long term with regular dosing despite the inputs of FOG’s into the ATU.

What kinds of facilities should consider a periodic peristaltic dosing option?

Businesses with a periodically high hydraulic load on the ATU including

  • Restaurants and fast food outlets

  • Pubs and wineries

  • Function centres

  • Sporting grounds

Residential care facilities where system inputs such as antibiotics and chemotherapy medicines may not be able to be controlled

  • Aged Care

  • Hospitals

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Campgrounds

Educational institutions

  • Childcare centres

  • Schools

  • Tafes and Universities

How to choose a septic safe toilet paper

Roslyn McKay

Which toilet paper is right for you?

Septic, AWTS, ATU’s, long drop and caravan toilets require a different approach to keep them running efficiently. Learn about polymer free, recycled and bioactive toilet papers.

Read More

Stay Warm, Stay Well

Roslyn McKay

Stay Warm Stay Well

Chicken Soup for the mind, body and soul

Winter is well and truly here. It's the season of keeping cozy, warm fires and hot, nourishing winter cooking. It's also the time of year that we are often fighting colds, infections and flu.

At Ecowater Services, our team loves to share healthy food together and standout recipes. When winter chills set in, we love to make Jo Whitton's (of Quirky Cooking blog fame)  Coconut Lemon Chicken Soup recipe. 

You may know that Chicken Soup is proven to help cure colds and when it's made with homemade chicken broth, anti-inflammatory turmeric, fresh lemon juice, ginger and garlic it becomes a bug fighting powerhouse! 

We hope you love it as much as we do. Let us know what you think!

A note about ATU's and antibiotic use.

Did you know that while antibiotics are fighting the bad bugs in your body, they are also killing all the helpful bacteria in your alternative wastewater system?

We know that it's sometimes impossible to avoid antibiotics and our bodies need them to get well. Just like you would use a probiotic to help your guts flora return to a balanced state, your ATU will benefit from probiotic bacterias in e-Zyme crystals, e-Flush toilet cleaner, e-Shine bathroom cleaners and Bioactiv toilet tissue. Learn more about the ATU friendly cleaning products we stock here.

Ecowater Services partner with businesses and homeowners to provide quality service and maintenance of Aerobic Treatment Units such as Aquarius, Aqua-Nova, Biomax, Biosystems 2000, Fujiclean, Taylex and Graf E Pro systems.

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